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Website Design Company in Maryland. Web Design Companies MD

Content Writing

We provide content writing services as an add-on service to our web design and SEO services. Our web content writer is a former award-winning journalist with more than 25 years of experience writing and proofreading in a variety of fields, including six years’ experience in SEO content writing.

Content Writing Services

Our content writing services come in two forms: basic content writing and SEO writing. If you have not purchased SEO for your website, you can still hire our content writer to develop content for your website, but it will not be as extensive, and the content writing will not be optimized for SEO. If you have existing text, our content writing services would include proofreading and editing the existing text,

Most of our clients find it’s easier to let someone else do the writing, so they can focus on running their business. We understand your time is valuable, so our web content writing services are designed to take away the headache of writing your own web content.

Once she has a first draft of the web text for your web pages, our web content writer will email you the web content for your review. A first draft is just that, and changes are expected as part of the writing process. Once you have outlined your changes/additions/deletions, our content writer revises the pages and sends them on to the web design staff.  They then begin the process of developing your website design, with theme, color scheme, fonts, etc, all with input and approval from you.

For up to 30 days you can send us basic text updates at no extra fee. This is not complete reloading of the text or design, just minor issues that neither you or Coastal Web found before we launched. It doesn’t happen often, but if something slips through the cracks, we want to get that fixed for you.

Call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390 to get more information about our content writing services, or use our contact form.