Coastal Web Gets a New Look

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Baltimore SEO Consulting Services – Coastal Web Gets a New Look

If you’ve visited the Coastal Web Services site in the past, you may have noticed we have a new look. As a Baltimore SEO Consulting Services and Web Design Company, we have to practice what we preach.

With our website redesign, we have made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, increased our informative content, increased the Calls to Action (CTAs), improved our SEO strategy with extensive keyword research and updated our web design and logo design.

While our old website was nothing to sniff at, it was a little outdated, and didn’t showcase everything we do. It was time for a change. We hope you like it.

Do I Need a Website Redesign?

Good question. Is your business website looking outdated? Is it slow to load? Does it have incorrect information?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you may need a website redesign. There are many reasons to update your website.

  1. It’s not mobile responsive. Most of your potential customers these days own a smartphone – in fact, more than 80% of internet users own and regularly use a smartphone. And what’s even worse for you if your site isn’t built with responsive web design – according to Google, 61% of users will leave your site if they can’t view it easily on mobile, with 40% visiting a competitor’s website. Yikes! You could be losing a lot of business if your website isn’t up to current standards. Go ahead. Use your smartphone and type in your website address. Do you have to enlarge it and swipe to see all of the content, or is it easily viewable on your phone?
  2. It’s not ranking well in searches. If your website isn’t ranking well in the search engine results pages (SERPs), it may be because you don’t have your website optimized for SEO, or your search engine optimization is not up to date with current standards. SEO is always changing because Google keeps updating its algorithms. What worked even a couple of years ago might not be the best thing today.
  3. It was originally built with Flash. Flash was cool when it first came out, but now it’s hopelessly outdated. Not only is Flash not supported on Apple devices, but it is also undreadable on the big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. That means Flash is deadly to your SEO efforts, because in order to rank on the search engines, your website content has to be readable.
  4. It provides a poor user experience. Your website is your chance to make a good first impression, so you want to make sure visitors have a good experience. This includes things like:
  • An easy to follow layout
  • Easy to navigate and logical page structure
  • Content is informative and easy to read
  • Attractive images and videos
  • Consistent brand messaging

When you put all of these things together, it makes it more likely a visitor to your site will stay on your site and have a look around, rather than leaving right away.

  1. Shows an unclear brand message. This sort of ties in with user experience. It’s important that throughout your website, you present a clear and consistent brand message. This includes your slogan, tagline, mission statement – even things like your logo, font choice and color scheme, all reflect your brand.
  2. It doesn’t have a blog. Having a blog on your website is one of the easiest ways to inject fresh content into your website. And Google loves fresh content, and rewards your site in the SERPs, theus improving your SEO. You can use a blog to communicate with your customers, offering tips, advice, showcasing recent projects, etc. Plus, research shows that B2B marketers who blog get 67% more leads than those who don’t. Adding a blog is easy, and if you don’t have time to write it yourself, Coastal can help you.
  3. Looks outdated. Is your website still written with red and blue fonts? Is the content IN ALL CAPS? You may need a website redesign. 75% of people say they judge the credibility of your business solely on your website. And if you don’t even have a website? Forget about it. If you want to look credible online, and attract visitors rather than sending them fleeing to one of your competitors who has a better looking website, it may be time for a website redesign.
  4. You have high bounce rates and low conversions. Uh oh. If you have high bounce rates, it’s likely people click on your site, but either it isn’t what they were looking for, or they were confused by your content, or it wasn’t immediately obvious that you provide the products or services they were looking for. If people don’t stick around on your site, that will certainly contribute to a low conversion rate. A way to boost your conversion rate in a website redesign is to make sure you include highly visible, easy to do Calls to Action (CTAs) such as a Call Now, Sign Up for Our Email, Request a Free Quote, etc. with a form right there or a button to click.
  5. Loads slowly. This is one of my personal gripes. If a site doesn’t load within 3 seconds, I go elsewhere. And I’m not alone. 47% of consumers expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. What’s worse for you if you have a slow to load website – 40% of consumers will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And then they just move on to another search result. A slowpoke website may be costing you customers, and it can also negatively impact your SEO. Google uses site speed as one of its ranking factors.
  6. Doesn’t meet your needs anymore. Last but not least, you may need a website redesign if your website just doesn’t meet your needs anymore. For instance, if you’ve added new services, or stopped providing a service but it’s still listed on your website. Or maybe you want to be able to sell your products and services online. Or you’ve changed your company name to better reflect what you do.

If you’re in the market for a website redesign and SEO consulting services, call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390 or use our contact form, and someone will get back to you shortly.