SEO Consulting Services in Maryland, Maryland SEO Company
SEO Consulting Services in Maryland, Maryland SEO Company

Writing a Press Release

Writing a quality press release is not something to leave to just anyone. Coastal Web Services can provide you with quality press releases or news releases that you can post on your website as well as send out to local media.

When it comes to writing a press release, it’s important that the news be something substantive, such as changing your company name or location, adding new members to the management team, adding a new product line, announcing an event or sponsorship, etc. Another reason to send out press releases is to provide useful information related to a current event or recent news.

Content Writing

One of our content writing experts also happens to be a former journalist, who has a good idea of how to get your news noticed. She will write your press releases so that they are clear, concise, well-written and effective. You will need to supply the who, what, when, where, why and how, and she will turn it into a news release. Your news releases will also be written for search engine optimization.

Coastal Web will take care of placing the news releases on your website, but you will need to email them out to local media that you select. You’ll want to target someone in charge, such as an assignment editor or page editor, but also the business reporter, or education reporter, depending on what your business does, and what the news is all about. Then follow up with a phone call to see if they need any more information. Sometimes the personal touch is what it takes to make sure your email didn’t go into the spam folder.

Writing a press release doesn’t have to be a chore. Work with the content writing experts at Coastal Web Services, and you may soon be someone local reporters contact for an expert’s take on your industry.

For more information regarding writing a press release,  call us or send us your request for a quote on writing your press release.