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Photo Gallery

A photo gallery for your website allows you to showcase your work and helps reinforce your message. We have created photo galleries for home builders, painters, custom woodworking and more. You may even have more than one photo gallery on your website. For instance, a home builder might have a nice selection of finished homes in one gallery, and a second gallery that shows the building process, from excavation to the finished home.

Website Photo Gallery

There are a number of ways to set up your website photo gallery. Options include the speed with which photos change from one to another, how they come in and out (such as multi-layered galleries, shooting in right to left, soft focus change and more.) When you meet with us to discuss your photo gallery, we can show you examples of what we’re talking about, and help you determine which method is good for your website.

Each image you use should have a descriptive name, whether it is on one of your web pages or in your website photo gallery. For instance, XYZ2016.jpeg is not a good image name. Kitchen-Remodel-Before.jpeg is better. It is also important to label images with a caption, such as the model name of a custom home and where it is located, or labeling before and after, or even telling a story about a particular project.

If you sign up for our SEO Services, we can also include what are called image alt tags. These tags tell the search engines what the photo is, so the search ending can index the photo. This is how it works when you do a search and Google (or another search engine) gives you a separate line of Image Results.

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