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The industry has labeled the term website development versus the phrase website design. When a web site company like Coastal Web Services uses the term “custom website design”, we are referring to more than just standard web design. Custom web development means we custom design your website from the ground up, with custom designed graphics, navigation, and administrative back-end to meet your unique specifications. Custom web development companies are better equiped to handle more technical issues a company may face. Businesses with a lot of competition, where you need your business to stand out above the rest, are better served by a web development company.

Our web company has completed hundreds of business websites. We offer quality work with clear pricing on every custom website design project.

Our Website Development Experts Can Provide

  • Website Design with a Wow Factor
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Functional Easy-to-Use Layout
  • Attractive Color Combinations
  • Easy to Update/Expand
  • Reasonable Turn-Around Time
  • Professional Guidance
  • Website Marketing to Increase Business
  • Programming Features
  • Audio/Video Presentations

Custom web development goes hand in hand with custom web design. The web design involves the things you and your customers can see. The graphics, fonts, color scheme, text, etc. The custom web development is what makes everything work behind the scenes. Custom web development can include shopping carts, calendars, password protected areas, databases, online forms, newsletters, and more.

Custom Website Design

What’s more, custom website design allows for all of the bells and whistles that elevate a website beyond professional graphics. Analytics data, search engine optimization tools, social media integration — the list of features is endless — and a custom site makes it all possible. A custom website design takes longer to get off the ground, and may cost more initially, but if done well, can give your business a formidable return on investment.

Custom website design from the web design team at Coastal Web Services will help distinguish you from your competition. We are a web development company with a reputation for developing professional and effective custom website designs. We start by visiting our clients, and potential clients, to brainstorm with them on their specific web design needs. To develop a custom website design tailored to your organization, we also discuss and write down specific goals for the upcoming year and map out a plan to accomplish your specific goals. The more information our web design and development company has, the better we can serve you. As we work together during our proven design process, we’ll concentrate on a visually pleasing site design, site usability, advanced functionality and industry best practices, while never losing sight of your online objectives. 

Web Page Design

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you are about to sign up for a new web design project.

  • Do you need to focus on specific items or services on the home page and carry that message on the sub pages?
  • Do you want a 1 column or 2 column design look?
  • Do you want your main menu items on the top or left side?

There are lots of options to decide on and we can help you with the right questions to ask. We will help your offering suggestions and showing you samples.


SEO Services

If you purchase our SEO Services, (and we strongly suggest you do, because you will see a faster return on your investment), SEO best practices will be built into the structure of your website from the beginning, and your content will be optimized for SEO by our content writer. You can learn more about our SEO packages by visiting our SEO page. If you’re ready to partner with a web design and SEO company you can trust to work as hard for your business as you do, then call Coastal Web Services today for a free Website Design Analysis or a free SEO Analysis to see how well your site is currently performing. Call us at 410-420-9390 or click here to send us your request for a FREE Analysis.


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