Using Social Media Marketing to Bring in New Customers

Using Social Media Marketing to Bring in New Customers

Acquiring new customers through social media marketing is getting easier every day. In the beginning, businesses used social media just to get their name out there and get some brand recognition. Social media was also, and will continue to be, used to provide customer service. Today, social media channels increasingly offer multiple ways to get in front of prospective customers, to generate leads and sales.

Which channels you use for social media marketing may depend on what your products and services are, and who your target audience is. Here are several of your options:

Facebook Advertising – The Facebook Ads platform can be pretty powerful, with many capabilities. It’s also relatively user friendly. Even the most novice user can quickly get ads up and running. But if you don’t have time to run a Facebook Advertising program, Coastal Web Services can create and run one for you. Call us at 410-420-9390 for details.

To get started, Facebook first asks you to define your business objectives. For acquiring new individual consumers, choosing “Traffic” and “Conversions” would be suitable. For B2B advertisers, however, the “Lead generation” objective would likely be of interest.

You can measure the effectiveness of your ads by creating a Facebook conversion pixel. When a user converts after clicking your ad, the conversion pixel reflects this in the reporting. In addition, when setting up an ad campaign, choose “Optimize for Conversions.” With this option, Facebook will show your ads to those users who are most likely to purchase.

Facebook Advertising promoting specific products can be useful, even to users who have not visited your site. But for users who have visited your site, but did not convert, you may want to consider remarketing ads. For instance, a user may add an item to cart but end the session without buying. Once the user visits Facebook again, a remarketing ad showing the item they left behind can entice the user to complete her purchase.

Instagram Ads – With Facebook’s purchase of Instagram in 2012, placing ads on Instagram requires that you at least have a Facebook page. Instagram advertisers don’t have to have an Instagram account, but we suggest it. Advertisers can use the same level of targeting on Instagram as on Facebook, such as demographics, location, interests, and actions. In addition, your marketing objectives for acquiring new customers are similar, too — increasing traffic and conversions.

Using Twitter for Leads and to Target Your Competitor’s Customers – Social media monitoring, also known as social media listening is most easily done using one of the social media platforms (Google Alerts, Hootsuite, etc.). These platforms use queries or search terms to return relevant results. That same process can also be used for phrases related to consumers seeking help or advice.

For instance, the search could turn up a Tweet where someone has asked for recommendations on a local painter, or similar service provider. If you can help the person asking, you could respond. Your interaction needs to be genuinely helpful. Otherwise, your efforts could backfire.

You can also use Twitter to snag your competitor’s dissatisfied customers. Monitor your competitor, and offer to come in and make it right or offer other help. People often respond to excellent service by sharing their experience on social media, which amplifies your reach.

Host Givewaways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – Hosting giveaways can be helpful by engaging your current customers / followers by encouraging them to share the giveaway by tagging their friends. This can help you reach new prospects.

Reposting or sharing can reach even more people than tagging, so you could consider using reposting or sharing as an entry (or entries) for that particular person.

If all of this social media marketing sounds great, but you as a business owner just don’t have the time, call Coastal web Services today at 410-420-9390 to discuss how our internet marketing team can help you harness the power of social media.