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SEO – Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is taking over for business marketing where the Yellow Pages left off. As you may have noticed, printed advertising is declining in success and popularity. Most phone books end up going straight to the recycling bin. Think about it. When was the last time you received regular sales leads from your Yellow Pages ad? Some of today’s younger people have never used a Yellow Pages book and that pattern is quickly spreading to the older generations. With the advent of the internet, smart phones, tablets and notebooks, print media is fading away. Most of our customers are now shifting their marketing money to their website design and Internet/website advertising.

“Coastal Web Services has developed my website to look professional, informative and personable.  Most of all, it works!  It produces business leads to all facets of my business whether it’s excavation, hauling or septic tank installation. If I need a change on my website, all I do is make a call and right away they respond to what my needs are; one of the benefits of working with a local company who cares about their customers. I highly recommend Coastal Web Services to any business in the Maryland area who depends on creative internet marketing and website development.”
–  Josh Chavis of Chavis Enterprises

We are currently accepting customers for our SEO / Search Engine Optimization program. Unlike other companies, we limit our customer base. We also do not try to wow you with a bunch of technical jargon just to impress you. Our plan is simple. We are here to help you get on page one on the major search engines for phrases that your potential customers are typing in to find the products or services they want. This is a process that is not like a switch that you turn on and then turn off. It takes time, skill and patience to effectively manage your SEO Program. We will continually improve your search engine rankings over time and then add additional keyword phrases when existing phrases perform well.
When you participate in our monthly SEO Program, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive research on your business keyword phrases
  • Inclusion of those keywords and keyword phrases throughout your site
  • Printout of Key Phrases showing your search engine results position
  • Listing of Keyword Phrases used to find your site
  • Show you what pages your customers are going to on your website
  • Help you understand where you place versus your main competitors
  • Submittal to local search
  • Submittal to directories
  • Google + for Business
  • Web Page Optimization
  • Social networking Advice
  • And much more…..

Consider SEO services. The purpose of the Search Engine Optimization program is to help you get more business out of your website. A good SEO program will improve the visibility of your web site and help your web page place higher in search engine results. Generally, the higher your site places in search results, the more visitors you receive. Your competitors are probably using this type of service NOW to beat YOUR BUSINESS on search engines. If they are not currently signed up for some sort of SEO Service, they will be doing so shortly. In order to stay a step ahead of your competitors, get signed up today.

  • Regular status reports
  • Website updates
  • Web page optimization
  • Website optimization
  • We focus on Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Comprehensive research on your business keyword phrases
  • Evaluate where you are listed versus your competitors
  • Local Search submittals
  • Inbound links – National directories
  • Industry compliance testing


You purchase time that has a set number of hours that we can use to perform combinations of our seo work, including but not limited to:

  • Web Page Optimization
  • Website Optimization
  • Inbound Links
  • Content Writing
  • Website Updates
  • Mobile Presence
  • Social 

Local SEO:

  • Quarterly reports

Recommended for the following:

  • Small websites from 1 to 400 pages
  • We’ll help you write pages, articles, blogs, etc to get there
  • Local geographical area

Regional SEO:

  • Quarterly reports

Recommended for the following:

  • Websites up to 400 + pages 
    We’ll help you write pages, articles, blogs, etc. to get there

National SEO:

  • Monthly reports

Recommended for the following:

  • Websites 1000 or more pages 
    We’ll help you write pages, articles,  blogs, etc to get there
  • All 50 US States


Here is a list of more SEO concepts / Definitions

What are Search Engines?

Since most business owners do not really understand what search engine optimization is, it makes sense to explain some concepts with definitions included. A search engine is a modern day yellow pages book that is accessed through a website on the Internet. Search engines were developed as a resource so anyone could find the product or services that another company provides. Of course the main reason someone developed it is that they could make money on that service if a lot of people use that service. The service itself is free but they also sell advertising which is where they make their profit. The Search engine website will provide a search box. If you type in a phrase in that search box the search engine looks through its database and determines what web pages are relevant for that search phrase.  Search engines use a mathematical computation, known as an algorithm, to prioritize what it believes are the most relevant and list those web pages first. There are usually 10 listings/results shown per page. You will also notice they will list the total results towards the top. It may say 10,360,000. That’s how many pages it found relevant to your search. What that really means is that if you own a website, your odds of being number 1 on that search engine are 1 in 10,360,000. Think of it this way, getting your company website to the top of search engines is kind of like winning the lottery. It gets harder every day as more and more companies are building more and more web pages.

What are the more popular search engines?

Some of the popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. There are thousands of other search engines but they take up less than 10% of the market while the top 3 search engines take up over 90% of the market.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process of tasks used to improve your web sites ranking on search engines. By improving your rankings (where you place on the results page of a web search) your current or new customer has a greater chance of finding your website.

Why should my company use SEO Services?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, bottom line, gets more people to your website. More people that go to your website (or increased traffic as it is sometimes known as) means a greater chance of them calling you or sending you an email. The more people that contact you, the greater the chance of increasing your sales. No SEO = smaller or no sales from your website.

My competitor is doing well on search engines!

There is no way they are doing well on search engines today unless you are hiring a company that provides SEO services. The more pages they have on search engines the more time they are spending on that process.

How much does SEO /Search engine optimization services cost?

Our prices are reasonable and based on our hourly rate. We start our SEO campaigns at 1 hour increments each month. The more time you ask us to work on your marketing the better your site will perform in your industry. Each industry is different and has its own challenges to get your website listings on page 1. Companies purchase more hours to get their sites listed higher quicker but that is your call. Most of our customers sign up for local search and spend an average of $ 400.00 per month. After our 1st year contract is met the customer usually stays with us multiple years as they see we are helping them get more new business. As far as our competitors, the pricing is all over the chart. Companies charge by the type of clientele they focus on and sometimes overcharge based on the services they are providing. One of my customers left our SEO services and used another company that was charging them $ 5,000.00 per month. After 6 months their results were no better than ours and we were charging less than 5% of that number.

I keep getting other SEO Companies asking me to do business with them?

That is now common practice. You will receive offers from other SEO companies requesting you to do business with them. They will sometimes attract you by saying they couldn’t find you because your listing was so bad and a bunch of other excuses. They just want your business and they will do just about anything to get it. Most are basically sharks looking to cash in getting you to pay them. 


Can I stop those SEO spammers from contacting me?

Not really. Most of the times they find your site through a search engine result page. They then go to your contact page and fill out your contact form and click send. I would be concerned if they didn’t send you those forms. That means you either are not being found on the Internet or your contact page may be broke.

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