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SEO and Website Traffic

Part of our SEO program involves keeping track of your website traffic. It’s important to know how people have come to your site, what search phrase they typed in, what pages they go to, how many pages they visited, what page did they leave from on your site, did they call you or fill out a form or purchase something. Are they a new customer or existing satisfied customer? All these details and more are important in determining patterns.

Website Traffic

When website traffic patterns are decoded then we can make adjustments to your website content, pages, and SEO based on those factors in order to align your website more closely with customer goals.

We’ll do a website traffic analysis as part of our overall SEO Analysis before we develop an SEO strategy for your website. That helps us see what’s working, and what could use some improvement. Once your SEO program is up and running, we then measure traffic monthly in several ways.

  1. 1. Source of Traffic
  • Direct traffic– Typed in traffic, bookmarks, email links without tracking codes, etc.
  • Referral traffic – From links across the web, such as directories, or in trackable email r promotional links.
  • Search traffic – Search queries that sent traffic from any search engine.

Knowing the percentages and exact numbers helps you focus on fixing areas of weakness, and strengthening other areas.

  1. 2. Search Engine Referrals The 3 major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing make up 90% of all search traffic in the U.S. If your website traffic rises, we’ll see what’s working. If it drops across all three search engines, there’s a problem with accessibility to your site. If just Google drops, chances are they penalized you for something. We’ll dig in to find out what and recommend a fix for the problem.
  2. 3. Visits Referred by Specific Search Engine Terms and Phrases The keywords that send traffic to your site are another piece of the SEO analytics pie. We’ll keep track of of these to help identify trends, measure your performance on key phrases, and find terms that are bringing in traffic to see if you are fully optimized for those terms.
  3. 4. Conversion Rate for Search Term/Phrase We’ll keep track of which terms people use to find you when they end up calling you (mobile search), emailing you or filling out a contact form. By further improving your position on the terms that lead to a conversion, improving your position will lead to more conversions.
  4. 5. Search Engine / Indexed Pages We’ll keep track of pages on your site that are receiving visits form the search engines. The more pages the SEs visit (index), the better. As we work on issues like site architecture, sitemaps, uniqueness of content and meta data, your trend line should rise, showing that more of your pages are making it into the search engine results.


This is an overview of how we monitor your website traffic as part of your SEO program. Based on traffic statistics, we will make recommendations to further optimize your site for SEO.


If you’re ready to partner with a web design and SEO company you can trust to work as hard for your business as you do, then call Coastal Web Services today for a free Website Design Analysis or a free SEO Analysis to see how well your site is currently performing. Call us at 410-420-9390 or click here to send us your request for a FREE SEO Analysis.


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