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Graphic Design

Coastal Web Services offers full-service Graphic Design in printed materials as well as on the web. Want to stand out among your competition? We can help by using cutting-edge visual materials! Our graphic design service is tailored to your business niche and goals. Professional graphic design helps your business appear more polished and professional. Design items include identity development, advertising materials and marketing campaigns. We can combine web and print to enhance your company’s image while still maintaining your identity. Our professional designs will help get your business noticed with eye catching visuals. Call us today to see how to improve old materials, or create new materials to generate more business.

Our graphic design services include:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards / Postcards (direct mailers)
  • Brochures (tri-folds, booklets, inserts)
  • Flyers / Newsletters
  • Posters (indoor, outdoor)
  • Ads (magazine, newspaper)
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays

Professional Logo Design

The importance of a good logo design should never be underestimated. As your company’s major visual representation, your company logo anchors your brand and may be what customers remember about you (or not).We create brand new logos for start-up companies as well as logo redesigns to update your existing logo. Good logos are unique and easily understandable and relatable to your business. Although there are a tremendous number of choices when it comes to color scheme and font choice, the bottom line is that a good logo design should help convey some information about your company and what you do. A good logo design is also simple. It needs to work in very small and very large sizes. For instance, it needs to work on materials such as business cards and also larger displays such as your company van. The right logo can be instrumental in your company’s growth by contributing to three important factors: your business’s credibility, memorability, and visibility. A poor-quality logo done by an amateur designer or friend can speak negative volumes about your business. Some may get the impression that your business is unstable and incapable of producing a professional product. By contrast, a well-designed logo presents a professional image of your company.

Keep in mind that your logo, while the main visual representation of your business, has to be part of a cohesive look. Fonts, color schemes and printed documents should all work together. If you have a website and are redesigning your logo, your website design will need to be updated as well, to bring everything up to date. Coastal Web Services can do it all. The graphic designers at Coastal Web Services will work closely with you on style, color, font choice and more, to convey a cohesive image in all of your marketing materials. Your final artwork will reflect your vision, market and goals. We work with clients who are already web design customers, as well as clients who don’t yet have a web site or have one designed by someone else. Over the years we’ve developed a reputation for creative graphic design that gets your business noticed. 

If you’re ready for a logo redesign, or you’re a startup trying to decide which marketing materials will give you the most bang for your buck, call Coastal Web Services today at 410-420-9390 to get started on your new look.

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