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With Web Programming from Coastal Web Services, you can create solutions online for your business to work more efficiently. Take time to review your internal processes and find out where your weak links are located in your business. Then determine if technology could help your clients become more satisfied customers and your employees become more efficient. Give us a call for ideas and a quote on your next web programming project!

We work with businesses and organizations throughout central Maryland, including Harford County, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas.

PHP Development

Most custom applications for websites are done through PHP development. PHP is a server-side scripting language web developers use to create special applications for your website. Website programming options are the additional features you can add to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your website. Each of these web programming features can be customized to accommodate your business or organization.

Web programming can enrich a web design by offering something completely unique to your business such as a Shopping Cart, Design Feature, Online Voting & Surveys and more. These web programming options may also be used to help gain feedback or track trends within your business or organization’s target audiences. Adding web site programming features such as RSS Feeds and Real Estate Listings offer a user the ability to acquire relevant information from your website, increasing the possibility of visitors returning to your site. Programming features such as the Username/Password Protected Access Areas, Online Calendar Programs, and Online File Sharing can be customized to organize your business and also make work more efficient and convenient for your employees.

Coastal Web Service’s Web Programming Features have multiple uses and possibilities. Some of the options include:. 

  • Shopping Cart / E-Commerce Design
  • Online Calendar Programs
  • RSS Feeds
  • Username/Password Protected Access Areas
  • Real Estate Listings
  • Online File Sharing
  • Custom Database Applications
  • Online Voting & Surveys
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • And more

Contact Coastal Web Services or call us at 410-420-9390 to discuss your web programming needs.

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