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E-commerce website design helps you take better serve people who like to shop online. E-commerce is short for electronic commerce also known as an online shopping cart. If you want to sell products online, then you need an e-commerce solution. We provide various solutions based on our customer’s existing website or new website design. It is easier to build a shopping cart on a new site but we may be able to work around the design if the customer is on a limited budget. Just realize you may sacrifice some features.

E-commerce Web Design Options

The E-commerce web design options and types of shopping cart sites we recommend are also based on the type of web code already setup on the customer’s website. For example, if a customer has a WordPress site already built we can possibly add a woo-commerce system. If a customer has an html site design we can recommend something like an x-cart. If someone is very serious about selling products online and has a budget for executing a good marketing plan to support the new shopping cart then a Magento design may be a better starting point. 

Once you believe a shopping cart is the direction you need to take for your business, it makes sense to sit down with us to discuss your goals. Once we put all the facts together we can recommend some options for you to consider. Once we nail down the must haves and the like-to-haves we can provide you with a quote on your next project.

Let us know if you are ready to discuss your e-commerce website by calling us at 410-420-9390!

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